Honey Buttermilk Whole Wheat Bread
Cuisine: American
Author: Kirsten | My Kitchen in the Rockies
Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 210 mins
Total time: 3 hours 40 mins
  • 1⅛ cup (280 ml) buttermilk, heat 40 sec. in Microwave
  • ⅛ cup (2 Tablespoons, 29 g) butter, unsalted at room temp.
  • 3 Tablespoon (45 ml, 65 g) honey
  • 1 egg, large
  • 1½ tsp. salt
  • 1 cup (120 g) whole wheat flour
  • 2 cups (240 g) wheat flour
  • 1 Tablespoons (7.5 g, 15 ml) gluten
  • 1 ΒΌ teaspoon dry yeast
  1. Place first 5 ingredients in the baking pan of your bread baking machine.
  2. Mix flours and gluten in a separate bowl..
  3. Place the dry ingredients on top of the wet ingredients into the baking pan.
  4. Form a little indent into the flour and place yeast in it.
  5. Place baking pan into bread machine and follow the instructions provided by the manufacture of the machine. I set my bread on light crust.
Use organic and non GMO ingredients for this recipe.
Recipe by My Kitchen in the Rockies | A Denver, Colorado Food Blog at http://www.mykitchenintherockies.com/2015/05/10/honey-buttermilk-whole-wheat-bread/