Homemade Mustard Mayo

by Kirsten on April 21, 2014

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If you have ever made your own homemade mustard mayo you probably never went back to any store bought. If you have never made your own mayonnaise, well, today is the day to experience a much tastier and healthier choice than you could ever find on any supermarket shelf.

Mustard Mayo

 In my house, we fell in love with homemade mustard mayo. You just add good mustard to the traditional mayo ingredients to give it some extra kick. I use my Bamix stick blender to prepare my mayo, but feel free to use a whisk or wooden spoon instead. It will take you just a little bit more time, but you will be rewarded with a light and fluffy mayonnaise. We love to eat our homemade mustard mayo with fries or as a spread with hamburgers.

Mustard Mayo Ingredients

Homemade Mustard Mayo
  • 1 organic egg
  • 1 Tablespoon white wine vinegar*
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon Mustard*
  • 350 ml oil, organic safflower, olive or avocado oil
  • fresh lemon juice, about 10 ml
  • season with pepper and salt
  1. Place all the ingredients in the order listed in a tall vessel.
  2. Attach beater blade to your Bamix and blend the ingredients on high speed.
  3. Store mayonnaise in the fridge.
You can also make your mayonnaise by hand. Make sure to incorporate the oil very slowly into the egg mixture!
*for MR/ FMD please use pure vinegar and an approved mustard (not Dijon, I use organic mustard by Woodstock) without sugar

This homemade mustard mayo recipe works well to be used for the diet Metabolism Revolution/ The Fast Metabolism diet. Serving size equals 2 Tablespoons and counts as 1 HF.

Mustard Mayonaise

Find a video of how to make the mayo with the Bamix here.

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