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Cinnamon Bean Truffles

April 6, 2018
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  My Cinnamon Bean Truffles are the perfect vegan snack. They are healthy, tasty, and filling. I especially like the fact that you wouldn’t assume that they contain beans. The cinnamon adds a very delicate and homey feel. Trying to improve your overall health without the guilt? These Cinnamon Bean Truffles are your perfect treat! […]

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Raw Cacao Black Bean Truffles

March 16, 2018
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  Would you believe that these Raw Cacao Black Bean Truffles are a part of a diet plan? A vegan treat that is sweet but contains all the healthy fats and proteins recommended for a yummy snack. Make sure to double the recipe to enjoy another tasty treat the following day! This recipe is part […]

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Peach Brown Butter Shortbread

August 6, 2016
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  Are you ready to please a crowd with this irresistible peach brown butter shortbread? Go ahead, get your baking sheet out and your oven preheated. Crunchy streusel, juicy peaches, and the nutty taste of browned butter are an unbeatable combination. This peach brown butter shortbread will become a new favorite in your house too, I […]

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Nutella Brownies

July 2, 2016
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  In case you are still in need to bring an outstanding dessert to your 4th of July picnic. Here it is! Nutella Brownies will be the winner of the day. Ooey, gooey, chocolaty, and salty. They are simply irresistible. Bake these Nutella Brownies rather today than tomorrow. A little taste testing never hurts, right?! […]

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Chocolate Zucchini Bread with Coconut Oil

July 16, 2014
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A cooler and rainy  summer day always calls for some baking. Today my decision fell on this easy to prepare zucchini bread with big chocolate chunks. I really like the addition of the coconut oil which turns this delicious moist bread into a somehow healthier treat. You can bake this zucchini bread in a bigger Bundt pan […]

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Best Brownies EVER!

May 18, 2014
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  Did you know that there are three types of brownies? The fudgy, the chewy, and the cakey? I am not a brownie expert and didn’t even grow up eating them, but became a huge fan very quickly after moving to the US. Mine have to be gooey or chewy, with a crunch, and very chocolaty […]

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Mousse au Chocolat

December 30, 2013
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Over the Holidays my daughter asked me to  make mousse au chocolat for dessert. This is one of my kids all time favorite chocolaty treat. This specific recipe was given to me by my friend Vroni while we were roommates over 20 years ago in Germany. At the time she was attending law school in […]

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German Butter Cookies – Butterplätzchen

December 9, 2013
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I hope you all had a relaxing second of Advent weekend. Ours was pretty cold with temperatures as low as -12 F (-25 C) which made the decision on staying inside pretty easy. I kept busy with finishing decorating our house and setting up the Christmas tree. My teens took over the kitchen and continued […]

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Spiced Pumpkin Bread with Walnuts

November 3, 2013
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To me fall is the time of the year where a good pumpkin bread needs to be baked. Looking for a new recipe I stumbled over this spiced pumpkin bread with walnuts featured at Cooking Light. The spice mixture of allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon turn this simple bread into something special. It is super easy […]

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Lemon Bars with Shortbread Crust

July 29, 2013
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Last week I spend a few days at my friend’s house in Point Loma, San Diego. What a beautiful place to live at. We did some sailing and sightseeing, visited friends at their beach house in Del Mar and went out to eat at the fish market twice (LOVED IT!!). I also made some new […]

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